With impeccable culinary offerings, Mauritian archaeological heritage and the best location on the island, this leisure hotel is the perfect luxury getaway

There may not be a universal recipe for the perfect luxury vacation, but for someone seeking serenity and peace of mind, a spell at The Oberoi, Mauritius can be incomparably rejuvenating. Overlooking the pristine blue waters of Turtle Bay, the leisure hotel complements the natural splendour and beauty of
its surroundings.
An oasis of calm amidst 20 acres of lush sub-tropical gardens with the majestic range of green mountains making for a dramatic backdrop, The Oberoi, Mauritius includes 600 meters of oceanfront and a stunning turquoise lagoon. The architecture of the leisure hotel draws inspiration from the African and Asian heritage of the island. The endeavour is to harmonise the interiors and exteriors in such a manner that the guestrooms and public spaces seamlessly integrate with the exotic foliage, trees
and flowers.
One of the highlights of The Oberoi, Mauritius, is its reputation for culinary excellence. Its two restaurants serve international, Asian and Mauritian cuisines, offering a variety that compliments the experience at the resort.
The Oberoi, Mauritius is also home to restored 18th-century French relics on site that are considered as national monuments and form a significant part of Mauritian heritage. The current area occupied by the resort served as a fortress in the mid 1700’s and was an integral part of the defense system of Mauritius.
With the best location and the most diverse view available on the island, the luxurious leisure hotel is the perfect getaway.


Be a part of the legacy of turtle conservation on the island of Bali at this luxurious beachside haven with a soul

With the perfect combination of tropical beauty, restful serenity and warm hospitality, The Oberoi, Bali is a beachside haven with a soul. It comprises a secluded cluster of 74 Luxury Villas and Lanai Rooms set within 15 acres of landscaped tropical gardens on Seminyak Beach, Indonesia.
Every year, the 500 meters of beach frontage at the resort is visited by the Olive Ridley sea turtle, an endangered species named for the olive colour of its heart-shaped shell. Female turtles come ashore to lay their eggs between May and October along the coastline, and in an effort to protect and assist the survival of the species, The Oberoi, Bali created a turtle sanctuary in 2013. The team at the sanctuary has been entrusted with the task of safeguarding the eggs by moving them to a sandy area within the property until they hatch after approximately 60 days.
Without assistance from The Oberoi, Bali team, these little turtles would orient themselves towards the brightest horizon and dash towards the sea in a perilous journey where, if they don’t make it to the ocean quickly, many would die of dehydration in the sun or be caught by predators. At The Oberoi, Bali’s turtle sanctuary, the hatchlings are cared for in custom-built saltwater holding tanks until they are about two weeks old, and their chances of survival in the ocean are better.
Guests at The Oberoi, Bali are invited to visit the turtle sanctuary and participate in the activity of releasing the baby turtles into the sea, becoming a part of the legacy of turtle conservation on the island of Bali.

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